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At Kings Martial Arts Supplies we supply our wholesale clients with quality products at the lowest prices! Every company should have the opportunity to brand themselves at an affordable price….That’s where KING comes in. We will match and even beat our competitors prices. WHY? Simple. So you can make money!

Offer your employees and students top notch 100% custom branded products and make money while doing so. Having trouble designing a layout for Rashguards or need a logo for T-Shirts? Kings Martial Arts Supplies can has the capability to create all your graphical needs. We always have in house graphic designers ready to go.

Complete the application form to the right to apply for a King Wholesale equipment customer account. Once we receive your application our team will review your information and a King Martial Art Supplies representative will contact your shortly.

What are the benefits in “Branding”

The benefits in “Branding” your company are virtually endless. Here we have listed just a few.

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